Hearse Stops At Burger King

A flower- and coffin-laden hearse paused to visit the drive-thru at a Burger King in Cottingley, England, in late May, where its passengers—the one still breathing, anyway—ordered a bacon double cheeseburger.

The Burger King visit was one of Leonard Durkin's final wishes. Per Leeds Live, the 71-year-old father of six and Burger King fan (to the grave) told his children in the weeks before he died that he hoped his body could make one final visit to the drive-thru en route to the crematorium.

The unusual request required some planning, both from Durkin's children and from the Bensons Funeral Directors, who contacted Burger King ahead of time and even staged a trial run beforehand. His son filmed the visit from inside the hearse, saying "Your last supper dad, eh?"

Durkin clearly had a sense of humor; one of his other requests was that Johnny Cash's "Ring Of Fire" be played at his funeral. Rest easy, Leonard, and enjoy the big bacon cheeseburger in the sky.