Nothing Can Separate Hangry Driver From Her Buffalo Wild Wings—not Even A Parked Car

I've said and done things while hangry that I later regret. I'm not proud of it, nor am I alone. But the actions of an apparently very hangry woman at a Las Vegas location of Buffalo Wild Wings cannot be excused, no matter how bad she wanted those Jammin' Jalapeno boneless wings.


The Las Vegas Review-Journal has published security-camera footage of the unidentified woman, who can be seen repeatedly scraping a parked car with her vehicle while attempting to squeeze into a parking spot like it's fresh-from-the-dryer-jeans on Thanksgiving. You're just not going to fit, I scream at the laptop screen, but the woman continues trying until she wedges her SUV into the spot.

According to a store manager who spoke to the Review-Journal, the woman then entered the BWW and asked how long the wait would be for a takeout order. When she was told it would be about 10 minutes, she stormed off without placing an order. Because it's Vegas, I have to ask: Had the woman perhaps visited a casino bar before this? Staff reportedly tried to chase her down or record her license plate number, but were unsuccessful. The manager says he has damage to his car's rear bumper and front bumper, which was scraped over a curb.


The manager tells the paper he tried to call the police but was told they wouldn't respond "because the crash happened on public property." (Odd.) Now, the manager is asking anyone who might be able to identify the woman via security footage to email him directly (his address is in the Review-Journal piece).

There's not much this SUV driver could do to justify her actions, though I did note that if I hadn't eaten lunch by 1:40 p.m., the hour at which this alleged crime occurred, I'd be pretty damn hangry myself. Someone get this woman a Snickers next time.