Hangover Helper: Flintstones Push-Ups, Cookies, And Tips For Fighting The Post-Thanksgiving Nausea

Hangover Helper is The Takeout's weekly feature on how to survive the booze flu.

If you hit the whiskey hard at Thanksgiving dinner yesterday after your dad brought up how he's boycotting the NFL, you might be looking for a remedy right about now. We're here to help.

Last week, Spirit Guide Nandini Khaund shared some of her booze flu- fighting wisdom involving spicy ramen and Coca-Cola.

Today, we hear from the crew of The Hideout, a beloved neighborhood bar in Chicago with a a rich musical history and a mission rooted in social justice.

Aside from diving in to those leftovers, here's what The Hideout crew suggests for that nausea.

Hideout co-owner Tim Tuten, bar manager Alice Blander and bartender Andrea Jablonski are typically getting us tipsy, but they were kind enough to share what they turn to after a few too many.

The Takeout: When you're really hungover, what is the one thing that helps you get out of bed and get moving?

Alice Blander: Flintstones Push Ups (or, more commonly, whatever generic push up product is at the corner store).

Tim Tuten: An Old Style tallboy and cold pizza.

Andrea Jablonski: Gotta water yourself, and aspirin. Cookies help replace sugar, but nothing helps like a beer.

TT: Why do you think [Flintstones Push Ups] works so well? 

AB: Because when you can't swallow water you can still keep these down? I used to think it was because they're fortified with vitamins, but I just looked that up and apparently they only contain 6 percent of your vitamin C and not much else.

TT: What are some other hangover-busting tips you can share?

AB: Advil before bed.

AJ: In my old age, a fan of planning (and preventing) my drinking habits.

TT: When are you most likely to be hungover?

AB: When I go out with coworkers after work.

Got a secret hangover remedy? Please share in the comments.