Halo Burger's Temperature-Priced Coffee Makes Michigan Winters More Bearable

The average January temperature in Flint, Michican, is 22 degrees. Why human beings voluntarily live in these sorts of weather conditions we may never be able to understand, but we do know that a hot cup of coffee can certainly make those frigid temperatures a bit more bearable. Halo Burger—a small Flint-based fast food chain with locations throughout Michigan—is doing its best to provide an upside to low temperatures: Through the month of January, QSRWeb reports, the price of a cup of hot, regular coffee will be dictated by the day's expected high as noted on weather.com.


The promotion began when a customer informed current Halo ownership that the founders of the 96-year-old chain used to used to price coffee every day according to the temperature. "I immediately knew we had to bring it back," Halo's marketing director Olivia Ross said in a press release.

While freezing Michiganians will be able to warm up all month with pocket change, they won't be able to get coffee for free, as Halo says the price will not drop below ten cents. While we can't speak on their behalf, we're pretty sure that the people of Flint will be upset if temperatures this January manage to stay above ten degrees.