Get In, We're Going To Guy Fieri's Flavortown

Guy Fieri expands his empire with a new restaurant and entertainment center.

It's all happening. No longer is Flavortown just an idea or a catchphrase. Our lord and savior (and just good person in general) Guy Fieri is blessing us with a real honest-to-goodness, Dollywood-style Flavortown, now open in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The "chef-focused restaurant and entertainment center" (as described in a press release to The Takeout) is called Downtown Flavortown, and we can't wait to go.

A brief history of Flavortown

The first time Fieri uttered the phrase "Flavortown" was a complete accident, he tells The Wrap. "I just, unfortunately, run at the mouth. I just say things. Ten-plus years ago, I'm there in a diner, and I said to the guy—he made a pizza, I think—'That looks like a manhole cover in Flavortown.' Because of how big it is," he said.


From there, Flavortown took on a life of its own as not only a slogan, but Guy Fieri's title—the Mayor of Flavortown. It wasn't until last year that Flavortown made its way onto one of Fieri's actual food spots, a delivery-only chain called Guy Fieri's Flavortown Kitchen.

What is Guy Fieri’s Downtown Flavortown?

Why don't I let the Mayor of Flavortown himself tell you what this is all about, as written in a press release sent to The Takeout:

I'm talking next level, go big or go home, the ultimate party. And I'm bringing the great people of Pigeon Forge with me ... to Downtown Flavortown. Scratch made food, craft cocktails, Tiki bar, bowling, gaming ... you name it, we're bringing it!


Just in case that's not enough detail for you (but really, what more could you need to know?), the facility itself is 43,000 square feet and in that massive space contains:

  • a 300+ seat restaurant
  • a 14-lane bowling alley
  • More than 10,000 square feet of arcade games, including virtual reality experiences
  • A full-service "Freaky Tiki" bar
  • A 1968 Chevy Camaro (because why not)
  • The menu at the restaurant is going to include all your Fieri favorites (and yes, that obviously includes the iconic donkey sauce) and from the photos of the space so far, it looks like an extremely Instagrammable spot.

    Thanks to this new venture, Fieri proves what we've always known: Flavortown isn't just a restaurant or even a state of mind, it's an experience that we can all now participate in. Jump in, we're road-tripping to Pigeon Forge!