Dear God: Please Bring Guy Fieri And Sammy Hagar Together To Make Tequila

Dear God:

Are Sammy Hagar and Guy Fieri friends? If not, they should be.


Dear Mortals:

It is my divined right that Fieri and Hagar should not only be friends and spirit animals, but also, business partners. They shall collaborate on a new tequila called Santo Fino Blanco, made with Blue Weber agave. I shall compel Fieri to offer this on-point quote: "There are a few things I know. Great food, killer drinks and wild times... and Sammy and I are makin' it all happen with Los Santo."


Dear God:

By the way, are Sammy Hagar and Guy Fieri the same person?

Just curious,Us

Hey you:

Here's a video of them in the same room plugging their tequila. Yet I still don't have an answer.

Love,Y.O.B. (Your Omnipotent Being)