Of Course Guy Fieri's New Fried Chicken Restaurant Serves 22 Dipping Sauces

We at The Takeout are just a wee obsessed with Guy Fieri, and we say this with 0.00000 irony. Look it all the nice things he's done. Just this week, he's helping the Salvation Army serve food to families affected by the Northern California wildfires. So if he wants to open a fried chicken restaurant called Chicken Guy!, just tell us where to drop the free press.

The restaurant's opening took place Thursday night at Walt Disney World and was chronicled by a number of Orlando outlets. The big takeaway, according to DisneyFoodBlog.com, is that Fieri's restaurant features 22 sauces. Twenty-two! To better help you visualize, that's one sauce for every Guy Fieri here:

I know the next words coming out of your mouth: Yes, Donkey Sauce is on the menu (mayo + roasted garlic + Worcestershire + lemon + mustard + flames + hell yeah + Whitesnake's Slip of the Tongue), as are more pedestrian flavors such as garlic parmesan, Buffalo, and lemon pepper.

And get a load of the chicken, which looks nicely fried:

As for the early reviews? DisneyFoodBlog.com enjoyed the "super crispy outside." Another independent Disney World blog, WDWmagic.com said it featured a "satisfying crunch" and that the sandwiches—which began at $6.49—were "very well put-together, with an above average quantity of filling." Maybe we need to send Fargo Chicken Tender Critic to review this place?

In any case, take a victory lap, Mr. Fieri—you deserve it.

At the suggestion of The A.V. Club's Caity PenzeyMoog, we've created a motivational poster for you to hang on your desk wall: