Last Call: Quick, What Other Shows Can We Make Guy Fieri Star In?

Earlier this week, the Hollywood Reporter revealed that Guy Fieri, dual mayor of Flavortown and our hearts, had signed a new three-year exclusive deal with the Food Network. Right in the first sentence of its article, THR referred to Fieri as the "most prolific content generator" of the entire channel, and that's probably the best way to describe his whole vibe. Guy first catapulted into our lives back in 2006 on The Next Food Network Star, and in this, his 15th consecutive year on television, he concurrently hosts Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (aka Triple D), Guy's Grocery Games (aka Triple G), and Tournament of Champions, to say nothing of the criminally underrated Guy's Ranch Kitchen and his delightful cameo appearances on various shows like Best Thing I Ever Ate. We could go on and on about our love for this man, but in fact, we already have.

The point is, we now know that Guy is on the hook until at least 2024. So, what shows would you like to see him star in next? I personally won't settle for anything less than a three-hour Guy's Ranch Kitchen special where the cameras stay focused on all the famous culinary house guests as they polish off the pitcher of cocktails they're always serving up in the end credits. And one of my favorite Triple D episodes ever focused on the matriarchs of restaurant kitchens, a concept that could easily be its own show. Food Network, call me. I am brimming with ideas. Commenters, how would you like to see the Mayor of Flavortown wield his considerable power?