We Ordered A Lot Of Impossible Cheeseburgers On Grubhub This Year

And apparently folks in New Mexico are the best tippers, according to Grubhub's annual report.

It's okay to order food in. If you are among the many who perhaps picked up a baking or TikTok recipe habit in 2020 only to trade out your kitchen utensils for your favorite online meal delivery app, you are certainly not alone. And if you're anything like me, you quickly established your go-to takeout meal for when lifting a finger to do more than punch in a few delivery instructions felt like too much. Grubhub was paying attention, and just released its own look back on 2021, highlighting the ordering habits of its users throughout the year.

First, a list of the most popular items to order for delivery. Coming in at number one is the Impossible cheeseburger, which isn't too much of a surprise considering the rising popularity of the meat alternative over the last year. And according to the number five item, people were definitely taking advantage of the newly offered to-go booze across the country—online orders of margaritas went up 240%. The rest of the top orders fills out what to me sounds like a perfect feast:

  1. Impossible cheeseburger
  2. Shredded pork taco
  3. Apple pecan chicken salad
  4. Detroit deep-dish pizza
  5. Margarita

There are plenty of other interesting highlights in the report, like the most popular side dish (chips and pico de gallo) and the largest single order of the year (200 bacon cheeseburgers). Some states get shout outs for their particularly unique habits. New Mexico, for example, is deemed most generous for its high average tip rate and New York, unsurprisingly, is named the hungriest based on the highest number of total orders. Meanwhile Washington, D.C., apparently has the highest percentage of alcohol orders (hmm, I can't imagine what goes on in that part of the country that would cause people to reach for a cocktail . . .).

Did your go-to order make it into the top five? How many to-go margaritas did you order this year? Sound off in the comments.