Body Of Grocery Worker Missing For 10 Years Found Trapped Behind Store's Cooler

If you've read the headline, you suspect this will be a sad and gruesome story. It is, in fact, a sad and gruesome story, and if that's too much for you on a Tuesday morning, you'll want to click away now. Perhaps you'd prefer to read about a 7 lb., 11 oz. baby girl born at 7:11 p.m. on July 11, who now has a college fund courtesy of 7-Eleven. For the rest of you, continue on.

A former Council Bluffs, Iowa grocery-store employee presumed missing for 10 years was found recently, his body trapped behind one of the store's coolers. CNN reports crews were working inside what was formerly a No Frills Supermarket when they found the remains of the man who had been missing since 2009. It's suspected he climbed atop the cooler—a storage area for merchandise where workers sometimes hid to take breaks—and became wedged in an 18-inch gap behind it. Sounds of the coolers' compressors may have obscured his calls for help. The store has been closed since 2016.

The man was seemingly not on the clock at the time; his parents reported him missing after he left their house. He'd been acting unusually, and his family thought it have been due to medication he was taking. Authorities used DNA from the body and its clothing to identify the victim; an autopsy revealed no trauma and that the death was likely accidental. Now, go read that 7-Eleven story if you need to.