Grocery Store Wisely Moves Tide Pods Away From Candy Aisle

Hey, remember Tide Pods? We haven't heard about the teens eating them for a while, so hopefully that idiotic, esophagus-damaging fad has subsided. But let's not push our luck like this grocery store in Greeley, Colorado, which had Tide Pods placed at the end of its candy aisle.


From the looks of things, the shelves at the King Soopers in Greeley are pretty packed. Still, the Greeley Tribune reported, some shoppers protested "an aisle end cap stocked with the bright, aromatic detergent packs and other laundry items that was connected to an aisle filled with popcorn, chocolate bars, M&M's, Reese's and other delicious goodies—which Tide Pods are not supposed to be." Management rearranged the display on Sunday after complaints. Concerns included the fact that the store is close to Greeley West High School. One mother stated, "I think it's sending a weird message. Lot of high school kids go there during lunch and I think it's a little irresponsible."

King Soopers management replied in an email:


This was an isolated incident. We agree, these items shouldn't be placed where they were. We fixed it immediately. This has been shared with our team to prevent this from happening moving forward.

On one hand, yes, you definitely want to eliminate any possibility that Tide pods could be confused for something edible. On the other hand: Please read the damn packaging! And in conclusion, don't eat Tide Pods or drink Tide boxes that look like wine. Thank you.