Forget Double-Coupon Day: One Grocery Store Holds A Graduation For Its Employees

Happy graduation, high school and college seniors of America! Normally you'd be dressing up in caps and gowns and gathering with your classmates in stuffy gyms or on muggy football fields to sit on uncomfortable folding chairs and listen to various adults share inspirational wisdom about "Life In The Real World" while your family dozes off watches from the bleachers. But now we are living in "unprecedented times" when large gatherings have been discouraged. This year the young people of America are venturing forth into the next stage of their lives from their couches, via Zoom, or maybe, if they're lucky, the front seats of their cars at drive-up events.

Cody Reeder, the manager at Russell Springs Priceless Foods in Russell Springs, Kentucky, felt that the six young people who worked in his store deserved a better celebration than that. To mark this monumental occasion for the Class of 2020, he and his staff staged a graduation ceremony right there in the store.

As "Pomp and Circumstance" played over the loudspeaker, the graduates marched down a makeshift aisle through the front of the store, past the produce section, where they received a diploma, a handshake, and a gift bag that included cupcakes from the store bakery. "We wanted to make them feel special and have them something to look forward to during this unprecedented time," Reeder told ABC News.

In the video that Reeder provided, the graduates look both proud and embarrassed at the fuss, the way high school graduates have looked for generations. The whole thing is pretty adorable (although why are they not wearing masks???). It made me smile anyway. Congratulations Russell Springs Priceless Foods Class of 2020!