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Sriracha Rivals Go Head-To-Head: The Week's Top Grocery News

Plus, the rise of instant noodles, Spanish potato chips, and tiny pineapples.

This week, we learned which U.S. state is ordering the most booze through Instacart, and whether Huy Fong's ex-supplier of hot peppers now makes a better sriracha than Huy Fong itself. We also learned what makes Spanish potato chips superior to American ones, and why Del Monte found it necessary to develop a single-serving pineapple for solitary shoppers. Read on for all the top grocery news of the week.

Huy Fong’s Ex-Supplier Now Makes Its Own Sriracha. How Does It Taste?

Huy Fong recently returned to shelves after the ongoing drama between the company and its former supplier caused the hot sauce to vanish from grocery stores nationwide. But some former Huy Fong fans were ditching the supposedly inferior new formula in favor of other brands. Many customers have shifted their loyalty to Underwood Ranches, Huy Fong's former pepper supplier and now a producer of its very own sriracha. Are Underwood's peppers the secret to this sauce? - Luke Gralia Read More


We Should Be Making Potato Chips More Like Spain

Here's a question: Do potato chips need any sort of upgrade? Aren't we good with our own coterie of regional yet nationally available chips like Herr's, Utz, Wise, and Tim's? Normally I'd say we're all set in that department. Yet after tasting Torres extra virgin olive oil potato chips from Spain, I'm convinced there's plenty of room for more experimentation, expansion, and elevation in this realm. - Danny Palumbo Read More


Instant Noodles Are Only Growing More Delicious

Over the years, instant noodles have escalated into a cultural phenomenon. Americans aren't content to reach for the closest pack of chicken Maruchan anymore. Now, after some hefty social media influence and gradual exposure to other cultures, we have become ardent fans of instant noodle brands from all over the globe—brands that pack some serious spice, funk, and flavor. Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, and Vietnamese instant noodles have been thrust into the national consciousness, and there's no going back. – Danny Palumbo Read More


Instacart Reveals Each State’s Unique Grocery Habits

Instacart recently hit a sales milestone: Since its founding in 2012, the app-based grocery shopping service has delivered over one billion orders. To celebrate, Instacart dove into its sales data for a little bit of insight on which types of goods shoppers in each U.S. state (and Canadian province) are ordering in uniquely high volumes. It's a fascinating look into our regional grocery preferences—some states like to stock up on booze, others seek comfort food, and one state is intensely focused on... yogurt? - Dennis Lee Read More


Tiny Single-Serving Pineapples Are Now a Reality

If you've ever thought to yourself, "This pineapple is simply way too big for lil' ol' me to finish," then you're in luck: tiny single-serve pineapples are now an option. Del Monte, a global producer and distributor of fresh produce, has just announced the launch of its new tiny pineapple offering. - Angela L. Pagán Read More


Easter Baskets Might Be More Expensive Than Ever in 2024

This year's Easter celebrations might have to be padded out with more non-traditional treats than previous years due to the rising cost of both eggs and chocolate, Food Dive reports. Both supply chains have faced challenges for more than a year, and Wells Fargo industry analysts are predicting consumers will continue to see higher prices as the springtime holiday approaches. - Angela L. Pagán Read More