"Green Eggs And Hamm's" Promotion Offers A Free Grill To Innovative Beer Enthusiasts

In order to appreciate the pun so good that it spawned a real-life promotion, you need to be familiar with two things: Hamm's beer and the Big Green Egg grill.

Hamm's is a beloved cheap Midwest beer that's been brewed in St. Paul, Minnesota, since 1865. You're likely to find devotees scattered across the Midwest, who hold it in esteem that far exceeds what you might think it deserves. What a can! What a legacy! What a humble dive bar staple! (Read all the way to the end for more Hamm's nostalgia.)

The Big Green Egg, meanwhile, is a grill that has been in production since 1974, and can best be described as a "ceramic cooking system" that acts as a backyard grill, oven, or smoker. It's named for its color and shape, not for the Dr. Seuss book released 14 years prior to the appliance's inception.

Now, though, the two products are being mashed together in a bit of summertime marketing. According to a press release, the Green Eggs and Hamm's giveaway will ask grillers around the country to submit their best ideas for how to incorporate beer into their recipes, or simply tag a photo of themselves acting like a general HAMMpion of the grill (excuse the phrase, it was included in the press release). Twenty winners will be selected to win a MiniMax Big Green Egg, which usually retails for $598.

Here's how to enter, as noted in the press release:

To enter the contest, one must follow both @hammsthebeer and @biggreenegg on Instagram, and share a photo or video showing what makes them a HAMMpion of the grill, tagging @hammsthebeer and using #greeneggandhamms and #contest. Additional contest details can be found at @hammsthebeer on Instagram.

"Green Eggs and Hamm's" is some truly delightful wordplay, but personally, I fail to see how it could surpass the world-endingly clever "Hamm's sandwich" concept that my college friends and I pioneered on the front steps of a sagging rental house while drinking a case of the gas station's third least expensive offering: drink a Hamm's, eat a ham sandwich, then drink another Hamm's. Ah, to have the forgiving constitution of a 22-year-old once more.