You Can Buy The Illustrations From The Great British Baking Show And Here Is All Our Money

While their ambitious bakes may not always come to fruition, the competitors of The Great British Baking Show walk into the tent each week with big, big plans. Before "the bake," as they call it over the the U.K., we're told what each competitor's plans are via soothing voiceover, accompanied by a gorgeous illustration that sets exceptionally high expectations for those of us watching at home. (Reference the photo above from last week's challenge, which is made entirely from pies.) Ultimately, the bakes may not always be beautiful, but the illustration never fails. The illustration is a pure representation of someone's hopes and dreams, a record of what can happen when you believe in yourself, no matter the odds. And now, you can bring that brand of magic into your very own home via the online print shop of illustrator Tom Hovey.

In an interview with Food & Wine, Hovey—who has been with the show since its first season—details his process which actually begins after each episode films. The illustrations are all based of photos from the finished bakes, with Hovey filling in the blanks and drawing the bakers' original ideas, regardless of their final execution. What happens when disaster strikes, like it did in Bingate?

"My job is to illustrate what they planned to create not what they actually baked in the tent," Hovey told Food & Wine. "So sometimes if the bakes don't go as planned I have to work out with the producers and the bakers how to fix the issues, add missing elements, extra layers, that sort of thing."

Currently the shop features select illustrations from previous seasons, with prints from the new season (Helena!) coming at some point after the finale in November (note if you're hoping to order them for Christmas: While Hovey ships to America, it will take at least one month for your print to arrive, so plan ahead!). They're quite reasonably priced, too, with small versions going for 15£/$19.50, and larger prints for £25/$32.50 (another note: these are pre-Brexit prices, so Americans may get a steep discount in just a few months). Though these prints do make the perfect gift for the GBBS fan in your life, they're also the exact sort of thing you need to have hanging on the walls of your home: You need to be reminded every day that no matter who we are—be it a prison warden, a lorry driver, or a horse surgeon—something exceptional could be growing inside of us all.