Snack Subscription Box Arrives In Mailbox With Bonus Mystery Weed Nugs

An 11-year old boy in Green County, New York opened up his family's Graze snack subscription box and found that it was chockablock with bagged marijuana.

Jeanine Mulholland, the boy's mother, told CBS6 of Albany that when her son opened the box, "He said, 'Well, I don't think this is supposed to be in there.'"

The weed was in sealed plastic packaging and placed on top of the box of snacks. Mulholland gets her mail at the post office, so after her son opened the box, she headed home to verify what it actually was. "It was sealed in bags, so when I got home I cut the edge of it to see if it was [marijuana], and it obviously was,"she told the station.

Mulholland called the State Police on Sunday. She also, according to CBS6, called Graze. The company told her they'd reviewed the footage of her box being prepared for shipment, and saw nary a trace of weed.

Recreational marijuana has not been legalized in New York. In August, Governor Andrew Cuomo established a working group tasked with writing a bill implementing recommendations from New York's Department of Health for the legalization and regulation of cannabis. Medical marijuana is already legal in the state.

CBS6 also contacted Mulholland's branch of the Postal Service, and received no response.

We have questions.

  • Does "Well, I don't think this is supposed to be in there," sound like a natural response from a startled child to you? Is not something like "Wow, look at this weird green plant granola" more likely? Or even a nice "Holy shit, Mom!"?
  • Assuming the weed was not destined for this very composed youth who knows what marijuana looks like, who was it for? Some other Graze subscriber? You must admit, sending weed with snacks is a pretty genius, one-stop-shopping kind of service.
  • If we assume it was not actually meant to go to a Graze subscriber, then did someone just hide their weed in a random box at some point in the supply chain? I mean, that's not an insane amount of weed, but it's not a couple of tiny little nugs, either.
  • Would you, having found all that marijuana in your snack box, call the State Police?
  • "Excuse me, Officer, but I have found some marijuana in my Graze snack subscription box, could you please come and collect it and also find out how it got in there?" — where do you think that ranks in the most surprising phone calls made to State Police that day?
  • Graze has video of that exact box being packaged? We want the footage.
  • Is it at all possible that this is just viral marketing for the as-yet unannounced third season of American Vandal?
  • It cannot possibly be a coincidence, right? I would perhaps buy that an Old Navy box became the random hideout for someone's errant marijuana, but not a snack box. It's too perfect.
  • There are more questions, but if we asked all our questions, we'd be here all day.