Couple Claims Gordon Ramsay Ruined Their Wedding Feast

The chef's television crew was operating out of the resort where the couple tied the knot.

I'm pretty over the Bad Boy Chef persona, or the idea that being some sort of culinary visionary gives you the right to treat people badly. (To be clear, I don't think this moniker applies to the late Anthony Bourdain, who often falls under the label—erroneously, in my opinion. There's a difference between irreverence and assholery.) Now, noted butthole chef Gordon Ramsay is attempting to make amends with a couple who claims he ruined their wedding day.

The Sun reports that Charlie Willis and his wife, Lauren, got married in a beach resort ceremony in Cornwall, England, last month. They said they were surprised to find that Ramsay and his crew were also at the resort to film Ramsay's upcoming series Future Food Stars. The newlyweds claim that the crew took over the resort's kitchen, leaving the couple's wedding guests with food that was "cheap and nasty." Of course, as a resort rep reportedly told The Sun, the couple didn't necessary have exclusive rights to the whole beach resort. Still, Studio Ramsay producer Sharon Powers did write an apologetic message to the couple, saying she was "mortified" and offering to pay for the wedding "in full."

Ramsay, of course, had something mildly snarky to say about the incident. "Must've missed the part where my crew and I ruined the wedding," Ramsay wrote on Twitter in response to the claims. He also offered a free meal at his London Outpost, Savoy Grill, writing, "Congrats on a beautiful marriage....if you fancy a night at @savoygrill it's on me...I'll try to not ruin it."

Finally, a Ramsay rep told the Daily Mail that there was no "gate crashing" to speak of. "Studio Ramsay were booked to film on the beach the same day as various weddings and events were taking place," the rep said. "It's a real shame this couple are still complaining, their bill was generously covered, they happily chatted with Gordon on the day, they didn't have exclusive use of the beach, and all the other beach goers had a really great time joining in on and off camera." The couple may have "happily chatted" with Ramsay—but the guy makes his living via a very public asshole persona, so it's not surprising that they were miffed at his presence.