And Now, Gordon Ramsay Dancing In His Teenage Daughter's Clothes

My oldest son officially became a teenager a few days into quarantine, and I've spent the last eight weeks stuck indoors with him trying to prove that I'm still "hip" and "with it" to no avail. I even downloaded TikTok to show him I have what it takes to be "OD turnt" (think I'm using that correctly?), but he remains unimpressed. Meanwhile, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and his teenage daughter Matilda did the "Flip the Switch" challenge on TikTok and my son declared it to be "litty." But when I then asked him if he'd like to make a flip-the-switch video with me, he said that I was "cringe" and that TikTok is now officially for old people.

If you are a tragically uncool thirtysomething who isn't familiar with the Flip the Switch challenge, here's how you do it: Grab a friend, begin filming a video where you're dancing to the intro of the Drake song "Nonstop," and then when Drake comes in with the opening lyric, "Look, I just flipped the switch," you and your associate turn off the lights, change clothes, assume each others' positions, and flip the lights back on to continue dancing. It's kinda like the Harlem Shake challenge, but doesn't involve getting your head trapped in your son's favorite hoodie while he screams "MOM I TOLD YOU I'M NOT MAKING A STUPID VIDEO WITH YOU" before you trip over the cat and end up taking out everything on the living room table.

Now, please enjoy Gordon Ramsay dressed up like an 18-year-old girl: