Beer Ice Cream Truck Eases Suffering Of Quarantined Chicagoans

As Geoffrey Chaucer once wrote—sort of—when the weather gets warm, folks long to go on pilgrimages to bars where they can drink beer outside. In Chicago, where wintry weather regularly continues far into what's considered spring, that urge has become particularly strong, especially since the city's COVID-19 stay-at-home order has just been extended for another month.

But somebody at Goose Island, a local brewery now owned by InBev, heard the collective yearning to go out for a beer and decided to take pity. Over the weekend, Eater Chicago reported, a black van began driving through the streets of Chicago playing ice cream truck music, which is normally very annoying but at this time of year is a happy sign of better weather to come.

Alas, you can't buy beer directly off the van the way you can buy ice cream from an ice cream truck, but if you call the number displayed on the side, someone from Goose Island will deliver the beer to your door. One Reddit poster, however, got so excited that they called the number and ordered $50 worth of beer even though they hadn't seen the van in person, only in photographs.

I'm also a moron and realized too late that the message "Please only order if you can see the van" doesn't mean "If you can see the image on the website" it means if you see it on your street. Dude was totally cool though and is still delivering, but don't be like me and order it without seeing the van!

(It sounds like Goose Island got wise when they realized that the poster was ordering from a completely different part of town.)

Some people have been criticizing Goose Island's choice of music—"You'd think a beer truck would play Foghat, or maybe Cream"—but really, how can you quibble with anything that brings joy these days?