Google's Top 2017 Calorie Searches Reveal Giant Big Macs And Unicorn Frappuccinos

As we keep exploring these 2017 Google Top 10 search lists, more characteristics about the average American eater/drinker begin to emerge. For example, the list of the Top 10 searches under "calories" shows that while these searchers may have eaten some crappy food, at least they were doing the research on it.

At the top of the list is the nightmarish Unicorn Frappuccino, which made the rounds last spring (one of our colleagues here called it "Ursula in a blender"). While a 16-ounce portion made with whole milk tops out at 410 calories, it also contains the sugar counts of three Snickers bars. The Grand Mac, a super-sized version of the Big Mac—a sandwich that's pretty super-sized to begin with—was even more frightening at 860 calories (along with 52 grams of fat). Its cuter, littler cousin, the Mac Junior, made the calories search list at number four and 460 calories.

In between the two burgers as the search for the count for the Naked Chicken Chalupa from Taco Bell: 440 calories, just slightly more than a whole Unicorn Frappuccino, for those keeping score at home. Less-healthy Taco Bell fans consumed the insane-sounding Triple Double Crunchwrap, at number six on the list and 700 calories.

Starbucks soon reappeared on the list with unusual takes on your standard coffee. The new Cascara Latte, made from the dried fruit of the coffee cherry, ranked at number five on the calorie search list with 240 calories, followed by the Coconut Milk Macchiato Latte, number seven and 220 calories.

We have to go all the way down to number eight on the list to find what could be considered an actual healthy food: the poke bowl. While Google lists its calorie count at 460, it gets extra points for having, you know, vegetables other than shredded lettuce, and non-fried protein. One notch further down, we spy the first alcoholic beverage on the list, and a nostalgic one at that: Apparently the Zima comeback is in full force, as wannabe drinkers searched for the calorie toll of the citrus malt beverage: 181 calories.

At the bottom of the list, surprisingly, is an item we didn't even realize was still at McDonald's: the fast-food chain's ice cream cone, at 180 calories. All considering, it's one of the healthiest things you can eat there, and also holds up well compared to almost everything else on this list.