Today's Google Doodle Is A Very Addicting Pizza-Themed Game

Kill some time slicing your way through pizzas from around the world.

Apologies to my coworkers and loved ones if it seemed like I was off the grid earlier today. I accidentally lost the first chunk of my morning to today's pizza-themed Google Doodle game. Each of the 10 rounds features bright illustrations and a jaunty (yet somewhat foreboding) tune, highlighting a different pizza from around the world as you go. The goal is to slice up each pie and, if you feel so inclined, learn a little something about international and regional pizza cuisine.

The occasion for the game is the 14th anniversary of the culinary art of Neapolitan "Pizzaiuolo" being inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, CNET reports. It celebrates popular styles of pizza starting with a Naples classic, the Margherita Pizza, and goes on to feature pies like the Argentine Muzzerella, the Hungarian Magyaros, and the Thai-inspired Tom Yum, among others. By clicking on the little slice of pizza next to the pizza's name in each round, you'll get a quick fun fact about that particular style.

The play of the game goes a little something like this: You are given a pizza with very specific ingredients grouped together on different parts of the pizza. That pizza must be sliced into a certain number of servings with only a limited amount of cuts, and each serving must match the order given. For example, the Calabresa pizza has sausage, onion, and olives. You want to serve up six slices with only three cuts, and only two of those slices can have all three ingredients.

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, talk to me when you're trying to split up the Paneer Tikka, with varying combinations of paneer, capsicum, onion, and paprika on 11 slices. Nothing like a cute little computer game reminding me of my complete lack of math skills to kick off the week. Hot tip from someone who replayed these levels too many times already: Don't neglect the tavern-style slice approach when working your way through the game.

Once you've gotten the perfect score, celebrate by making and slicing your own pizza any damn way you please.