Welcome To Good Burger The Pop-Up, Home Of The Good Burger

Good Burger's been back on our minds recently, as a St. Louis restaurant purchased the original Burger Mobile from the 1997 movie. Then, we heard that Nickelodeon would revive All That, the show that first brought us fictitious fast-food joint Good Burger. Now, we can complete the trifecta of Good Burgers news with this: An actual Good Burger restaurant will pop up in L.A. this summer.

Who better to tackle this trip down memory lane than the team behind Saved By The Max, the wildly successful Saved By The Bell-themed pop up that's toured multiple cities. The Good Burger pop up launches July 10, but a press release says tickets will go on sale Monday, June 17 at 10 P.T. Pay attention to that specific time; Saved By The Max tickets sold out within minutes when they first debuted in Chicago.

The Saved By The Max spaces were beloved not just for their accurate recreations of the fictitious The Max, but for their menu from a chef who'd previously worked at a Michelin-starred restaurant. Instagram photo opportunities will surely abound, as the pop-up promises "Good Burger-themed service experiences, merchandise, games, secret sauce, and more."