Goldman Sachs Will Spend A Fraction Of Its Billions To Ship Mothers' Breast Milk Home From Business Trips

Here's some nice news: Ungodly rich investment bank Goldman Sachs let staff know in a recent memo that the company will begin paying for employees who are lactating to overnight their breast milk home to their children while they're traveling for business. CNN Money reports the bank will sign interested U.S. employees up for LifeCare's MilkShip program, a service that refrigerates and ships breast milk overnight.

"Business schedules don't always allow for moms to stockpile milk in advance of their travel. This service provides a secure option that is critically important to working moms," LifeCare's founder and CEO Peter Burki said in a statement announcing the launch of MilkShip earlier this month.

Goldman Sachs stated earlier this year it aims to have an even distribution of men and women in its workforce, though it didn't set a date for achieving the gender-parity goal. According to Bloomberg, women made up 36 percent of Goldman Sachs' workforce in 2016. Bloomberg also notes that no woman executive has ever helmed a major Wall Street investment bank.

Of course, the MilkShip program is likely a welcome service for Goldman employees who choose to breastfeed their children. But making a workplace attractive to women and other groups underrepresented in the finance field requires more than just a few perks; it requires an overall company culture that's not just tolerant but supportive of employees' work-life balance.