Glitter Beer Is Here For More Casual Nights At The Club

Glitter beer exists. Do with this knowledge what you will.

I can't form an opinion for you because honestly, after way too much thought, I myself can't resolve competing feelings about the merits of glitter beer. The part of my brain that loves technically perfect, well-constructed classic beer styles says the fad—reported on first by Munchies—is ridiculous. (And we already know how my colleague, Gwen, feels about glitter foods.)

But the side of my brain that has its panties less in an intellectual twist says I should lighten up. Glitter beer looks awesome, and it's just another example of how American brewers have thrown off stodgy beer purists and thought up something outside the box. If a brewery near me served this, I'd definitely have to try it.

It's safe to drink, for the record, because the (FDA-approved!) dust is completely edible. And to preempt the inevitable follow-up question: "I think everyone just worries about the peeing glitter out," Erica DeAnda, head brewer at Minocqua, Minnesota's Minocqua Brewing Company tells Munchies. "But it breaks down in your body so quickly that isn't even an issue."