Forget The Granny Cart And Let A Robot Carry Your Groceries

The personal pushcart industry has been crying out for "disruption" for centuries. If your hands are occupied with the act of pushing a cart, it's practically impossible to walk down the street sipping a green juice while scrolling through Twitter on your phone. Not only that, pushcarts aren't sexy—I mean, the generally accepted term for them is "granny cart," and no one is drinking all that green juice to look like a granny. What the world needs is some sort of futuristic device that's hands-free, tech-integrated, and looks like BB-8 mashed up with a hi-tech litter box. From the people who brought you Vespa scooters comes Gita, a 50-lb. robot that can carry groceries, a yoga mat, or anything else that can fit inside a small box.

The Gita does not run on GPS, but rather uses cameras with 360-degree vision to scan and identify its target master, so that it can follow them at a maximum speed of 6mph, which means that if your Gita ever becomes sentient, you can easily outrun it. The Gita will be able to pursue you at inclines with gradients up to 16% but cannot use stairs, which is good if you're trying to escape the clutches of the Gita, but bad if you want to bring it into most buildings.

The Gita's resemblance to a cooler seems to make it an ideal companion when heading to the beach or a picnic, but according to its official website, it cannot navigate on sand, snow, mud, or tall grass. If you are planning on attending an outdoor fitness class with your Gita, you should probably call ahead and ask the instructor how high the grass is that day, or else you'll be forced to carry home your yoga mat, water bottle, and a robot. It is able to function in the rain, though you will need to wrap your cargo well, as the lid is not watertight. The Gita is now available for $3,250.