Girl's Reese's Candy-Inspired Name Wins Her Family $10,000

Hey, far be it from us to cast judgment upon what families choose to name their children, but this story of a North Carolina mom who named her daughter after Reese's candy is rather extreme: Fox News reports Renee Cupp won a $10,000 prize from the confectionary company after naming her daughter Reese Eve Cupp, or Reese E. Cupp, at birth.

The family's been named the winner of Reese's Outrageous Fan contest, easily beating out contestants who only went so far as to tattoo Reese's candy on their bodies. The Cupps were awarded $10,000 and free candy for a year.

But is this worth a lifetime of people asking repeatedly about your name? College admissions, dating, maybe going to medical school in hopes of eventually becoming Dr. Reese E. Cupp... these life milestones seem like they could be just a touch more awkward with such a distinctive name. $10K is nothing to sneeze at, but we might have held out for a full college tuition in compensation, or at least free candy for life.

Renee Cupp says her 8-year-old daughter is proud of her name, though, and that it's a celebration of the family's obsession with peanut-butter cup candies. "She loves her name," Cupp tells Fox News. "She always says 'oh, little Reese Cup. I'm a little Reese Cup.' She loves everything chocolate."

Sure, we love chocolate too, but Snickers Bernot just doesn't roll off the tongue the way I'd like it to.