Girl Scout Earns Genius Badge By Selling Cookies Outside Pot Dispensary

Here at The Takeout we applaud those with an entrepreneurial spirit, especially those in underrepresented groups. Today, we raise our spliffs aloft and offer three tokes to the Girl Scouts of America.

In San Diego, an unidentified Girl Scout had herself quite the profitable weekend: According to The San Diego Union-Tribune, she and her father sold 312 boxes of cookies in a span of several hours. How? By setting up shop in front of a pot dispensary. This is simply a brilliant marketing tactic: In the spirit of selling lemonade on a hot summer day, or umbrellas on the sidewalk during a rainstorm, this young lady realized the best audience for Thin Mints and Tagalongs are those suffering from severe munchies.

The only blowback to this isn't so much about the cookie-pot users-connection (it's all legal in California, baby!), but more so about the legalities of selling cookies in front of a business. From the looks of it, though, the pot dispensary was more than welcoming of this young lady, who's poised to star as a guest investor in next season's Shark Tank.