Girl Scout Cookie Season Is Here To Quash Your 2019 Resolutions

Welp, just as you've finally resolved to kick off the new year by avoiding sugar and related sweets, here come the Girl Scouts to mess with your resolve. Yes, it's officially 2019 Girl Scout Cookie season, and it would take a stronger person than us to be able to resist those seductive $5 boxes full of heaven. Time to hit up your nieces or neighbors or coworkers' kids to see who will be your supplier this year.

As previously announced, this year's lineup will also include the new (gluten-free) Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie, which definitely sounds like a winner. We haven't tasted that one, though, so we can't really speak to whether the CCCC is worth your five bucks (although we're leaning toward "yes"). But since we consider ourselves Girl Scout Cookie connoisseurs, here is our, ahem, definitive list of Girl Scout Cookies ranked in order of desirability (names and variety available vary by region). Feel free to contest our choices below:

  1. Samoas: If you only buy one or two boxes this year, make these supreme caramel/coconut/chocolate hybrids your choice.
  2. Thin Mints: Classic for a reason.
  3. Trefoils: Vastly underrated. The historic trefoil may lack the flashy add-ins like the S'mores, but still offers a decadently rich shortbread-type cookie.
  4. S'Mores: Then again, there's something to be said for those add-ins.
  5. Toffee-tastic: A buttery, crunchy gluten-free option.
  6. Tagalongs: Honestly, this peanut butter-chocolate concoction is a bit rich for our liking.
  7. Do-si-dos: But Tagalongs are still far superior to these dry, dusty, peanut-butter sandwich cookies.
  8. Savannah Smiles: Speaking of dry and dusty, the taste of these cookies offer nothing but a lemon-powdered punch in the face.

Disagree? Of course you do. Let us have it in the comments.