No New Girl Scout Cookies In 2024

Girl Scouts of the USA has released the full 2024 cookie season lineup, full of old favorites.

Today marks the annual occasion upon which all of America comes together in harmony: It's the kickoff of Girl Scout cookie season. And while all the top sellers will be accounted for—Thin Mints, Samoas, Trefoils—there will be no new cookies added to the lineup this year.

The theme of this year's cookie sales season is "Unbox the Future," which, according to a press release from Girl Scouts of the USA, "aims to remove social barriers that often keep girls boxed in."

"When bold, goal-getting Girl Scouts sell a package of cookies, they're doing much more than what's seen at face value," the release reads in part. "Girl Scouts are entrepreneurial powerhouses creating a more equitable future for themselves and the world."

Which Girl Scout cookies will be available this year?

As previously reported, the popular Raspberry Rally cookie, first introduced for the 2023 Girl Scout cookie sales season, will not be returning to the lineup this year. The cookie was similar to a Thin Mint but featured a raspberry-flavored center rather than a mint one. It was a unique and flavorful addition, but the cookie quickly sold out everywhere and sprang up on the secondary market at exorbitant prices. Perhaps hoping to avoid the same fiasco this year, the Scouts seem to be sticking to the classics.


Here's the full lineup for 2024:

When, where, and how to buy Girl Scout cookies in 2024

Girl Scout cookie season kicks off today and runs roughly through April, but cookies often hit different regions of the country at different points within that timeframe. Your local troop can let you know when cookies will be available. If you don't know any scouts you can reach out to, you can sign up to receive updates about your area on the Girl Scouts website.


Beginning February 16, you can also buy cookies online to be shipped directly to your home. To do this, enter your zip code on the Cookie Finder app. (You can also use Cookie Finder to locate a booth in your area or to make cookie donations.) Alternatively, you can text COOKIES to 59618 to get more info.

Even though there aren't any new cookie varieties to try this year, there are plenty of boxes to get excited about. After all, it's probably been about a year since you last tasted Tagalongs or Samoas, right? Who wouldn't want a little refresher on those?

All the reasons to buy Girl Scout cookies this year

Yes, the price per box has risen yet again. Still, there are multiple reasons to shell out on at least one box of Girl Scout cookies in 2024. Here are a few:

Support the organization. The most compelling reason to buy expensive cookies has always been that the sale of these treats really does support each individual Girl Scout troop's programming for the year. Camping, field trips, community service projects, and even craft supplies are funded by the proceeds from each box.


Support the scouts themselves. It's been decades since I sold Girl Scout cookies, but I still remember how exhilarating it was to fill out my little order forms (a paper one back in those days, I grumble), check off names in my phonebook, and tally up the proceeds, each sold box getting me closer to the coveted "100+" badge. Whatever your thoughts on instilling capitalist ideals into children, it's fun to help kids achieve their goals for the price of $6.

Freeze 'em. Girl Scout cookies freeze very well, so you can buy a few boxes at the start of the year and then always have a crowd-pleasing option to thaw out for guests and/or snack emergencies.

Enjoy unique flavors. I posit that not nearly enough grocery store cookies feature toasted coconut. Solve this problem by stocking up on Samoas.  


With nearly 700,000 kids nationwide participating in Girl Scout cookie sales season this year, you shouldn't have any trouble finding the cookies you want. Or, if you're holding out for bold new flavors, you can skip this year's season and see if any fresh releases are announced next year. Just don't be weird about it.