Girl Scout Cookie And Beer Festival: We Want To Go To There

When I saw the following headline from Liz Biro of the Indianapolis Star, I thought, "My god, that's genius, that's everything I never knew I always wanted." Here goes. Look at this beauty:

Girl Scout Cookies and Beer is the new Indianapolis food festival you need in your life

"Yes, it is a new Indianapolis food festival I need in my life," I thought, as I started brainstorming ways to trick my partner into taking a last-minute road trip to Indianapolis next week. This particular event takes place on January 24 from 5:30 to 8 p.m. at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, and will feature 10 craft breweries, each of which will offer one or more beer-and-cookie pairings. Expect shit like this:


Cocoa nibs, vanilla bean, and mint sprigs flavor Field's choco-mint stout, a natural with Thin Mints. With peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in mind, Field beer-makers partner a mixed-berry-infused pilsner with peanut butter, chocolate and shortbread Tagalongs.

"The delicate sweetness of the fresh berries contrasts the subtle saltiness of the peanut butter cookie, while the crispness of the pilsner cuts through the chocolate," according to Field Brewing's tasting notes.

I repeat: I want to go to there.

But what's truly delightful about this discovery is that it's a) a Girl Scouts of America-sanctioned event, and b) it's not the only one! Craft Beer & Cookie Fest is "held every year in various and multiple locations," per the website for Girl Scouts Of Eastern Washington And Northern Iowa; in just a few minutes of searching, I found upcoming events in Aurora, Illinois; Covina, California (bonus points for anyone who sings the song in the comments); Bloomington, Illinois; Durham, North Carolina; Kalamazoo, Michigan; San Francisco, California; and Austin, Texas; plus a Cookies and Cocktails event in Tucson, Arizona for good measure.


All sounds pretty good, all makes me feel pretty dumb for not knowing about them before. But my "wow, how did I not know about this, I am oblivious" googling had one particularly happy side effect: I found one in Chicago. Cheers, and enjoy your Samoas.