Giant "Avozilla" Is An Avocado Five Times Larger Than Regular Size

The trend of mini-avocados was recently announced, but now it appears that avocado fans can go the opposite route. In Australia—where everything does seem to be larger for some reason—some savvy farmers are harvesting the "avozilla," or an avocado that could substitute as a really messy bowling ball. According to The Guardian, the fruit "weighs more than a kilo and is expected to sell for $12 each."

"There's certainly a shock factor when you pick one up and they're as big as your head," says farmer Ian Groves. His family picked up the special brand from South Africa and are the first farmers to bring the avozilla to Australia. However, humungous avocado will likely remain a novelty item, as Groves reports the trees so far are "light producers."

Probably just as well, because we are stumped as to what you would do with a five-times-larger-than-usual avocado anyway, unless you own a restaurant that only serves avocado toast all day long. Giant smoothies? Avocado sandwiches made on long stretches of French bread? Voluminous vats of guacamole? We like avocados too, but there are limits.