Getting Drunk On Draft Beer Jelly Bellies With Comedian Mike Lawrence

Comedian Mike Lawrence hasn't had a drink in his life, but that didn't stop him from coming into The A.V. Club's offices and pounding down some of Jelly Belly's new draft-beer flavored beans. The Sadamantium comedian and host of the Nerd Of Mouth podcast was in town doing a couple shows, and sat down with jelly bean virgin Marah Eakin and longtime bean aficionado David Anthony to not only try the gold-colored candy, but to try some of Jelly Belly's odd beer bean cocktails, including one that introduced us to something called "beer sangria."

Mike Lawrence's upcoming tour dates are available on his site, and, while they're currently out of stock on the Jelly Belly website, Draft Beer jelly beans should be back in stock and available to order starting February 10.