Get Blown Over By The Perfect Storm, A Vodka Play On A Dark & Stormy

With her home base Sportsman's Club located in a once-Polish neighborhood in Chicago, bartender Laura Kelton created this variation on the Dark & Stormy cocktail using a Polish bison grass vodka in place of the traditional rum.

"Despite vodka's reputation as a flavorless spirit, Zubrowka has a great spice structure with hints of cinnamon and vanilla, complementing the spicy ginger beer," Kelton said.

Kelton finishes the cocktail with a float of Black Strap rum that creates an appealing layered effect.

The Perfect Storm

1.5 oz. Zubrowka0.75 oz. lime juiceGinger beer Black Strap rum

Add Zubrowka vodka and lime juice over ice. Top with ginger beer. Finish with a float of Black Strap rum. Garnish with a lime wheel.