Burger King Awards Free Whoppers To Math Whizzes, People Who Know How To Google

Another day of lockdown, another fast food chain using a global pandemic to get people to buy junk food. This week, under the presumption that kids' brains are atrophying in quarantine, Burger King is giving away free Whoppers to students who correctly answer a math, chemistry, or literature question. Well, free-ish Whoppers.


Here's the deal: Every day from April 13-20, Burger King will post a question on its Twitter and Facebook pages. The answer is the promo code. Monday's was an algebraic equation that made me burst into hives.

Today's question is about chemistry, and I don't even know how I'd begin to find its solution. Anyway, if you get the answer, you then download the Burger King app. The free Whopper only comes with purchase (of course), so buy whatever else, too. You've got to use the coupon within 24 hours, though, so move quickly. It's only one free Whopper per person, for people 18+ (or 13-18 with a parent's approval), in the continental U.S. It's not clear whether BK will verify if the purchasers are students, or how they'd do that.


Like everything these days, this is a pandemic-centric promotion. I guess I can't really blame Burger King, as the coronavirus is the only thing on anyone's minds. But, come on, these questions aren't really about keeping students' minds sharp. If that were the goal, I wouldn't be able to Google "Burger King math problem Reddit" and find the answer in four seconds or just look at the hundreds of tweet replies. Maybe the fast food giant is making the answers easy to Google on purpose, so that you can all but guarantee yourself a free burger, but there are less convoluted ways of helping to feed kids who usually eat school lunches. No, the goal here is almost certainly to get more people to download and use the BK app. Which is fine! But this is not Burger King helping the children, this is Burger King continuing to sell burgers.

TL;DR, Burger King would like you to use their app, please. And if you have fond memories of math class (?), this might be the promotion for you.