Germany's Food To Voluntarily Become Less Delicious

There's a reason the Mediterranean diet is recommended by nutritionists and the German diet is... not. Starchy, sugary, meat-stuffed, the foods of the German people have historically been the kind of comforting, stick-to-your ribs cuisine painted in shades of beige. Delicious, delicious beige. But now comes news that The German Food And Agriculture Ministry has pledged to voluntarily cut what makes much of this so appealing: Companies will voluntarily reduce the sugar, salt and fat in packaged foods by 2025.

Deutsche Welle reports the food industry promised to reduce sugar levels in items like kids cereals, beverages, and yogurts by 10 to 20 percent over the next five years, depending on the product. Food and Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner said Wednesday the program will rely on voluntary commitments from manufacturers.

That commitment even extends to one of the treats synonymous with Germany: Berliner doughnuts. As DW notes, "The Food and Agriculture Ministry will research how products like doughnuts can be fried so that they absorb less fat." What's next, low-carb pretzels? Light beer? Ach du lieber.