Last Call: Enjoy This Georgian Knockoff Of The Simpsons

When The Simpsons first appeared on the The Tracey Ullman Show in 1987, its lo-fi animation meshed well with the characters' schlubby charms. We don't need to tell you the series would become the longest-running scripted TV show in history, and forever etched into the pop-cultural firmament.

In 2009, a show began airing in the Republic of Georgia called The Samsonadzes. The keen-eyed may notice something more than a resemblance. From the too-familiar theme song to the skin tones of the characters, to the name itself of Samsonadzes, there's little doubt what American series it was trying to emulate (maybe "emulates" is too kind a word).

Anyway, it's worth a watch, because whatever your definition of lo-fi animation will forever be adjusted down after watching a few minutes of The Samsonadzes. It's reminiscent of Colin's Bear Animation, 15 delightful seconds of give-no-fucks from an animation arts student, which achieved a small measure of YouTube infamy.