Restaurant Workers Haul Struggling Woman Out Of Chattahoochee River

It's warming up (everywhere other than Chicago, where it remains a dismal 48 degrees at Takeout headquarters). That means summer fun is around the corner—but for some, that fun could turn precarious in a matter of moments. That's what happened in Cobb County, Georgia, when restaurant workers had to intervene to save a woman struggling to stay afloat after a rafting disaster.

FOX5 Atlanta reported that two employees at Cobb County's Canoe Restaurant sprang into action when a customer spotted the woman floating in the water. The woman was reportedly rafting with her boyfriend when she got stuck in a tangle of trees, which popped her raft. "She was floating by herself down the river with very little to hang onto and she said she had been in there for two hours," said Tim Eskew, one of the heroic workers.

In the FOX5 video, viewers see Eskew leaping into the river to save the woman, who was shivering and disoriented once Eskew pulled her onto dry land, with the assistance of his coworker Alexandra Jones and Ryan Smith, an off-duty cop who was eating at the Canoe. "When I spoke to her I didn't get a reply and it just seemed a little off," Eskew said. "I asked her a few more questions and still didn't get any response or reply and that's when I knew something was wrong."

The woman survived, but there are two lessons here: first, wear a life vest; second, tip your servers. 20% is the bare minimum, people. They could spring into action to save a life at any moment.