Woman In Georgia McDonald's Fires Gun Over Cold Fries, #America

In old Western films and the like, one of the fastest and most efficient ways to get a point across is to fire off a quick gunshot. In a thoroughfare or saloon, you could quiet even the most raucous crowds with this method, or so it's been depicted in popular culture for decades. However, it was one thing in boom mining towns, and as a recent incident would suggest, it's quite another in a McDonald's location in 2019.

As reported by WTOC, a McDonald's in Garden City, Georgia was subject to this approach after a customer was left enraged by what they found to be inadequate service. According to police, "The restaurant owner says a woman left with her order and then came back saying the fries were cold. According to the owner, as the manager went to get new fries, the woman went into the kitchen and fired a shot into the floor. The owner says he gave the woman a refund and she left." The woman was later taken into custody, and nobody at the McDonald's was hurt.

We're obviously glad to hear that a refund was enough to diffuse this particular situation, as it could obviously have gone a lot worse. Americans already have enough of a reputation for both gun overuse and a general cowboy mentality without that reputation being validated by somebody firing off shots like Yosemite Sam over an order of French fries. (Though to be fair, cold McDonald's fries are a scourge.) Had a bald eagle led a flying-V formation of fighter jets over the Garden City franchise, it would've been scarcely more on-the-nose.