231 British Pubs Become Wham!-Free Safe Spaces For Christmas

Fuller's, a pub group based in the U.K., has announced a ban of Wham!'s holiday heartbreak ballad "Last Christmas" in each and every one of the 231 pubs its manages directly. It's not because it's a bad song. (It's a great song, and I will die on this hill.) The ban, which will be in place until midnight on December 25, is intended to help guests participating in Absolute Radio's game Whamageddon.

The Drinks Business reports that Whamageddon challenges participants to go as long as they can without hearing the original version of "Last Christmas," though remixes and covers are fine. This move by Fuller's will aid people who want to drink without getting Wham!ed to do so in relative safety.

According to Jonathan Swaine, Fuller's managing director, the group is backing up that guarantee: "If in the unlikely event that one of our customers hears 'Last Christmas' in one of our pubs, we will give them a free drink on the house."

I would like to promptly launch "Andy Williams sings 'It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year"-pocalype," so U.S. drinking establishments, you're on notice.