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Fruit Stripe Gum And Stanley Cup Insanity: The Week's Top Food News

Plus, Chicago's pizza scene gets a new food truck, and Starbucks faces new accusations.

This week, Starbucks was accused of making use of "dark patterns" within its app to manipulate customers to the tune of $900 million—and somehow that's only a drop in the bucket of this weeks' food news. Read on for stories about Fruit Stripe Gum's tragic demise, Chicago's most unexpected pizza truck, and of course, the never-ending discourse surrounding the Stanley Quencher tumbler.

RIP, Fruit Stripe Gum

For many of us, Fruit Stripe gum was a fixture of our youth, the brand whose bright colors, zebra mascot, temporary tattoos, and (not so) fruity flavors kept us coming back again and again. Now, however, future generations will never know what it was like to unwrap those antiquated sticks, because Fruit Stripe chewing gum has been discontinued. - Marnie Shure Read More


Chicago’s Best Pizza Might Be Found in an Unlikely Place

Chicago is a town that always knows where the good pizza can be found. Thanks to the work of Chicago chef Bruno Abate, Chicagoans may soon be able to taste the delicious and high-quality pizza made by detainees incarcerated at Cook County Jail, Block Club Chicago reports. - Angela L. Pagán Read More


Why People Are Losing Their Minds Over Stanley Cups

The general obsession with hydration has evidently reached a new heights in 2024, as one beverage container has incited absolute mania in the aisles of Targets and Starbucks nationwide. The Stanley Quencher H2.0 Flowstate 40-oz. stainless steel tumbler in the recently released limited-edition colors of pink and red are among the most popular drops from the brand thus far, to the point where some stores set per-customer purchase limits and were left with empty shelves in shoppers' wake. Why is everyone this hyped about a cup? - Angela L. Pagán Read More


Starbucks Accused of $900 Million Manipulation

The Washington Consumer Protection Coalition, a consumer watchdog group, has accused Starbucks of unfairly gaining as much as $900 million in profit by using "dark patterns" to coerce customers into unnecessarily loading funds into the Starbucks app, even in advance of any actual purchases. - Lauren Harkawik Read More


No New Girl Scout Cookies in 2024

Today marks the annual occasion upon which all of America comes together in harmony: It's the kickoff of Girl Scout cookie season. And while all the top sellers will be accounted for—Thin Mints, Samoas, Trefoils—there will be no new cookies added to the lineup this year. - Marnie Shure Read More


What the Stars Ate at the Golden Globes

Sure, we're always intrigued by what the stars wear to a big awards show. But in the case of the Golden Globes another question prevails: What did the stars eat? - Lauren Harkawik Read More

These Brands Will Air Super Bowl Ads for the First Time Ever

Let's hope the Super Bowl LVIII broadcast matches, or maybe even surpasses, last year's mostly enjoyable lineup of food and drink commercials. Here are all the major food brands that have decided, for the very first time, to spend millions of ad dollars on TV's biggest night. - Marnie Shure Read More


McDonald’s Double Big Mac Is Coming Back

It's the return of the Mac. The Double Big Mac, that is. McDonald's has announced that the Double Big Mac will be back on the menu for a limited time at participating locations nationwide starting on January 24. - Dennis Lee Read More


The Latest Kitchen Tech Promises... Instant Steak?

Our robot overlords are coming to our kitchens. As revealed at CES 2024, the tech event happening now in Las Vegas, kitchen appliances equipped with AI capabilities are on the rise, which isn't so surprising if you think about how they've already wedged their way into the arts. Why not the culinary arts? - Laura Wheatman Hill Read More


Tasting America’s Best Restaurants in Cookie Form

This holiday season, Resy teamed up with the Cape Cod bakery Pain D'Avignon to create the Resy Cookie Box. Each festive package contained 12 cookies developed by beloved restaurants across the country. And to sweeten the deal, proceeds from the limited-edition $80 cookie collection benefitted Southern Smoke Foundation, which aids members of the food and beverage industry who find themselves in crisis. - Mercedes Kane Read More