Hot Dogs, Whiskey, Frozen Pizza, Cremated Remains Stolen From South Carolina Apartment

A South Carolina woman has reported the theft of several items from her Spartanburg apartment, following a break-in on Saturday. She returned home to find her front door unlocked. The lock was changed following another break-in on October 23, and per ABC 6 WJBF, only the woman and one other person have keys.

Here are the things that were reported stolen:

  • Makeup
  • Jewelry
  • A purse
  • Frozen pizzas (plural)
  • Hot dogs (plural)
  • Jack Daniel's whiskey
  • The cremated remains of the woman's departed grandfather
  • Things that were reported not stolen:

    • The container which once held the cremated remains of the woman's departed grandfather
    • The woman told authorities that she didn't know who would keep breaking into her apartment. She did not say she didn't know why someone would steal the cremated remains of her departed grandfather but not the container that held them, but that's probably implied?

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