The One Where We Attempt To Make A Friends Joke In A Headline

If you're friends with any Friends fan, then you probably already know that there's no shortage of perfect gifts on the internet for that person. Etsy, for example, has everything from wine glasses to bachelorette party decor emblazoned with the classic all-caps font, and as someone who only ever watched the show occasionally and casually, I'm going to trust that crew neck sweatshirts stamped with the phrase "You're My Lobster" make some sort of meaningful reference. And soon, you'll be able to nab the Friends fan in your life a new and actually useful gift: Friends: The Official Cookbook, to be released this September.

According to People, the cookbook will feature 90 recipes "inspired by the characters in the iconic sitcom." It doesn't hurt that one of the main characters in the show is a chef, but there are all sorts of other, more tangential ways that new recipes are being incorporated to reference fan-favorite moments from the show. Even if you, like me, understand very little about the phrase "Just For Joey Fries Board," the recipe itself sounds pretty delicious. (Full disclosure: the cookbook is being published by Insight Editions, which has also published cookbooks from Takeout Staff Writer Allison Robicelli.)

Most cleverly of all, the recipes each feature an episode pairing, so you can eat your food in front of the TV and enjoy a bit of meta cuisine. And now that the Friends cast reunion on HBO Max has been postponed until at least this fall, much to the chagrin of fans everywhere, the cookbook is something for diehards to look forward to. This is probably a good opportunity to end on a Friends reference. you doin'?