Nothing Good Comes Of Taking Photos On Safari Hunts, Just Ask These Ex-Grocery Managers

The managers of a co-op grocery store that presumably sells organic kale and not-tested-on-animals soap are the last people you'd expect to pose with dead African animals—and yet.

Photos reportedly taken in 2015 show a couple alongside the bodies of a dead zebra, hippo, leopard, and other trophy animals; when those photos surfaced this month, the couple was forced to resign from their jobs leading a grocery co-op in the town of L'Arbresle, France. The BBC reports the ownership of The Super U co-op announced the couple's immediate departure following public outcry and online pledges to boycott the store. The shop was closed yesterday following the announcement.

The photos reportedly came to light when they were featured on the website for a big-game safari service alongside a testimonial from the couple. French newspaper Figaro reports the photos were widely circulated by a supporter of Parti Animaliste, a French political party devoted to animal rights and welfare. Bottom line: Don't take photos of yourself posing with majestic animals you've shot on safari. Better yet, don't shoot animals on safari.