Parts Unknown Producers Now Filming French-Fry Documentary

Mamma Mia! Wham! Go, Dog, Go! Soon, a new documentary, Fries!, will join the illustrious ranks of such exclamation-point art. Deadline reports Zero Point Zero, the production company best known for CNN's Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, has begun filming a documentary about the entire world's obsession with fried potatoes. The release date has yet to be scheduled.

The director behind the film is Michael Steed, who worked not only on Parts Unknown but was also the executive producer and creator of PBS' The Mind Of A Chef, and has worked on The First 48 and Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. Not a bad resumé.

"No other food bridges borders, language, and taste more than the humble but delicious fry," Zero Point Zero co-founder and Fries! co-executive producer Lydia Tenaglia tells Deadline. "From three Michelin star kitchens in Manhattan or Paris to street carts in Lima, you can always find a savory fry."

We couldn't agree more. Maybe a Jojos! doc next?