Win A Free Year's Supply Of Busch Beer By Scavenging Through The Forest

What would you do for a free year's supply of one of the country's most readily available and affordable beers? Would you wander through through the forest in search of a needle in a haystack? Then has Busch Beer got the contest for you!

As part of the brand's support of the National Forest Foundation, it will launch a forest scavenger hunt on September 18 that involves traipsing through the forest in search of trees. Well, specific trees. Per MediaPost, Busch will designate just 10 trees in national forests from Alaska to New York with special markers, then will provide clues via social media about where those marked trees are located. If you have the Boy Scout skills to find one of these trees, you win the year's supply of beer.

The National Forest Foundation's website says its mission is to help protect America's 193 million acres of public forest and grassland, and if a low-estimate forested acre contains around 200 trees, well... Presuming the Busch tags could be hanging on any tree in these 193 million acres, that is a lot of trees to search through. But if you think you have the arboreal skills necessary, stay tuned for Busch's clues next week.