Four Loko Just Four Loko'd Hard Seltzer

It's the best summer ever to be a hard seltzer drinker. White Claw and its ilk are seemingly everywhere, with the number of hard seltzer brands swelling by the day. This week alone, we heard news of Natural Light and Pabst Blue Ribbon's new lines of seltzers. But there is one ring to rule them all, and it comes from the terrifyingly caffeinated booze grenade you thought you'd forgotten: Four Loko.

Four Loko yesterday announced it is introducing its own hard seltzer that clocks in at 14% alcohol by volume. That is, for those in the balcony seats, a 14% ABV beverage that tastes like water—and a missed opportunity to call the beverage Fourteen Loko. Get it together, guys.

The best part of this announcement was not the Four Loko's tweet itself, which is pretty good, but the responses and memes from other Twitter users:

Some may remember the "ban" on Four Loko, which led the drink's parent company to settle a lawsuit with 20 states and agree to remove caffeine from its products. It's no longer marketed as an energy drink.

Look for the drink to debut later this year. At this time, it is unclear whether Four Loko's 14% ABV hard seltzer has yet been made the official drink of Barstool Sports.