Former Waitress With Conscience Returns $1,000 To Restaurant She Skimmed From Decades Ago

Carlotta Flores, owner of Tucson, Arizona's El Charro restaurant, received a cool $1,000 cash in the mail last week. (Editor's note: Do not send $1,000 cash through the mail.) The envelope also contained a note from a woman who said she wanted to repay the restaurant for money she stole while working as a server there decades ago.

CNN reports the letter was signed simply "a thankful former employee." The note details the writer's remorse at having stolen "a few hundred dollars" while working at the restaurant as a University Of Arizona student in the 1990s. "Please accept my apology + this money as repayment + 20 years of interest," it states.

The story gets even more warm and fuzzy! The letter came at just the right time, Flores says, because her purse had recently been stolen and the note "renewed her faith" that good people exist in the world.

But wait there's more nice stuff:

Flores tells CNN she hopes the letter-writer sees how much the returned money has meant to her, and says the restaurant would like to return that $1,000 to the former server. This back-and-forth with the money is really swell and all, but uh hey, if neither of the parties really wants that cash, there's a Takeout writer happy to absolve everyone of that guilt by taking an overseas trip with it.