Former Burger King Employee Gets "WE ALL QUIT" Tattoo

It’s a nod to the viral marquee that noted a mass exodus of employees at the fast food chain.

People get food-adjacent tattoos for many reasons. Some are looking to score some free grub from their favorite brands. Some are just leaning hard into the chef lifestyle. And some do it by accident when, say, trying to commemorate a new hit single with Chinese lettering (never forget Ariana Grande's small charcoal grill). Well now we can add "eff you, major fast food chain" ink to the list.

If you recall, a number of Burger King employees quit their jobs at a Lincoln, Nebraska-based Burger King en masse back in July, going viral when they used the restaurant's marquee to declare, "WE ALL QUIT. SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE." Flatwater Free Press checked in on the former employees and found that one of them, Kylee Johnson, now carries that phrase with her permanently, after getting "WE ALL QUIT" tattooed on her arm.

"I learned that this goes on everywhere and people are standing up for themselves and asking for better," she told Flatwater Free Press, mentioning that the tattoo is a reminder of her worth.

The exodus took place when, in sweltering conditions, top bosses didn't properly fix the air conditioning and a manager ended up hospitalized with dehydration. Instead of addressing the issue, the manager was called a "baby" by her boss and gave her two weeks then and there. Her entire crew followed suit. At the time, the Burger King corporation said that location was "not in line with [their] brand values" and it was shut down. However, it recently displayed a marquee that said "Grand Opening Week," so only time will tell if any lessons were learned from what Flatwater Free Press calls the Great Resignation.

While Johnson is now banned from that Burger King, it hardly matters. It sounds like she and her comrades in arms are doing just fine without slinging Whoppers every day. "Almost everyone that I know that left has found better jobs making at least the same or more," she said. She now works at a nearby Ruby Tuesday where many of her Burger King regulars come to visit her, and she is building up her own photography business.

Sounds like she and her tattoo are gonna be just fine.