Forgotten Burger Order Leads To Marital Beef

Take it from someone about to celebrate her 15th anniversary: Marriage can be a sumbitch. You're trying to tie your life to someone who has their own hopes and dreams and interests, and how much will those forever tie to yours? Sure, on the wedding day, everyone always promises to put the other person first, but how long does that actually last?

So I was intrigued by this headline from The Khaleej Times: "Woman in UAE seeks divorce after husband forgets her burger." Honestly? Relatable. Apparently the bride's husband was out partying with friends in the desert. The young Arab woman said it was fine, but just asked him to bring her home a burger. When he finally arrived at 3 a.m., he was burgerless. This resulted in a huge late-night fight, culminating in her leaving the house.

The Khaleej Times quotes lawyer Hasan Al Mazrooqi, who says that "several couples need to be educated about having realistic expectations from married life." Is a delivered burger unrealistic? I'm thinking no. But there are other lessons that strike me from this story. Number one: Fighting after midnight is a fool's errand. Nobody wins, especially when drinking is involved. Forget that old adage about never going to bed angry and just sleep on it instead.

Number two: Everyone's relationship or marriage is as complicated as your own. We have no idea if this woman just instantly went off, or if the missing burger was the unthoughtful straw that broke the back of this particular marital camel. So while I can certainly relate (and I'm sure my husband can too), my number three point is this, young lovers: Even if you're married, sometimes you still have to get your burger your own damn self.