Food52's New Podcast Is All About Building The Perfect Sandwich

The Sandwich Universe understands what listeners truly want.

No matter what type of podcasts you're into, it's safe to say that everyone enjoys listening to series from which they regularly learn something. That "something" needn't even be remotely academic; it just needs to be a topic presented with passion. (I just made it through a 140-minute-long episode of Blank Check all about the making of the 2001 David Spade film Joe Dirt, for god's sake.) And Food52 seems uniquely aware of this, because the food and drink publication has just announced the upcoming release of a new podcast: The Sandwich Universe, a show all about how to make and eat the best sandwiches of your life. Who couldn't use that type of intel in their lives?

The series, debuting August 3, will be hosted by real-life BFFs Molly Baz and Declan Bond. Baz, best known for her work as a food editor and YouTube star at Bon Appéit, just released a bestselling cookbook titled Cook This Book: Techniques That Teach and Recipes to Repeat. Bond, meanwhile, has lived a rather food-centric life of his own: he's the son of a chef and the self-proclaimed "world's biggest sandwich fan."

Each episode of The Sandwich Universe will focus on one specific type of sandwich—BLT, PB&J, you name it. Baz and Bond will chat about what makes each sandwich unique, calling upon listeners to share their own tips and tricks for making that episode's titular sandwich. The hosts will then put the listener suggestions to the test in order to determine how to make the very best version of the sandwich. Haven't you long wondered what the platonic ideal of a grilled cheese tastes like? (Psst... we have ideas.)

"My hope is that our listeners will walk away equipped with all the intel they need in order to construct truly superlative sandwiches in their home kitchens," Baz told The Takeout. "If we've done our job well, sandwiches everywhere will thank us."

You can listen to the trailer on Apple Podcasts here. Subscribe to the show and the first episode will pop up on your feed on August 3. Only one question remains: as hosts of a sandwich podcast, will Baz and Bond cover hot dogs?